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Company Culture

    MIRAN Technology has advanced production technology and manufacturing processes, and has invested millions to purchase advanced instruments and production equipment from abroad. We have become a leading supplier in the production and sales of linear displacement sensors, with our products occupying a huge market share and being exported overseas.

    Products have gradually become the preferred choice for major brand manufacturers due to their excellent cost-effectiveness and comprehensive specifications and varieties. And become a supplier to some well-known domestic enterprises such as Haitian, Zhenxiong, Donghua, Renxing, and Lijin; Mirang has received unanimous praise in the industry for its excellent quality and comprehensive after-sales service, and has a good reputation among major manufacturers.

     With the continuous upgrading of various industrial fields in China, linear displacement sensors are now becoming an important means of equipment and instrument displacement monitoring. The product has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various injection molding machines, die-casting machines, rubber machines, hydraulic presses, shoe making machines, paper machinery, printing machines, cardboard equipment, aircraft steering, ship steering, metal stamping feeding machines, high-voltage switch testers, IT equipment, tension adjustment devices, etc.

    The core products of the company are: electronic rulers, rope rulers, displacement sensors, rope displacement sensors, magnetostrictive displacement sensors, cable encoders, cable displacement sensors, angle sensors, lubricating oil pumps, etc.

    The company adheres to the principle of "striving for excellence and putting users first", with the concept of continuously improving product quality, constantly creating value for customers, and providing high-quality products and services for customers. Welcome customers to call, write, inquire, negotiate, cooperate, and visit for guidance.