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Exhibition Review: Miran Technology participated in the 2023 World Internet of Things Expo, totaling

Release Date:2023-11-16 Click:1714


    The World Internet of Things Expo (WIoT) is a larger scale IoT industry expo held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province from October 20th to 23rd, 2023. The theme of this year's IoT Expo is "Intelligent Internet of Things World Integration Empowerment", during which more than 40 events were held, including the World IoT Wuxi Summit, IoT Products and Applications Exhibition and Frontier Dialogue, IoT Release, Ecological Win Win, and Smart Experience. The displacement sensor series products of Mirang Technology are on display at booth B3-64-2 of the Intelligent Sensor Theme Hall.

    The products exhibited by MIRAN Technology, including rope displacement sensors, static level gauges, inclination sensors, fixed inclinometers, vibrating wire crack gauges, radar level gauges, etc., have a wide range of applications in fields such as bridge monitoring, building safety monitoring, reservoir dam monitoring, slope and foundation pit monitoring. The Mirang booth has also attracted many industry professionals to stop and confirm cooperation on site.

    Zhu Xiaokang, Deputy Director of Market Expansion Department of Mirang Technology, was invited to participate in the "Intelligent Sensor Technology Application Development Forum" hosted by the Wuxi Society of Engineers, and gave a keynote speech to discuss the application of displacement sensors in the Internet of Things with many practitioners in the IoT industry.