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MIRAN won the Annual Partner Medal of BORCHE Company

Release Date:2024-03-23 Click:1356

        On February 29, 2024, Mirang Company was invited to participate in the 2024 Partner Appreciation Conference of BORCHE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. And won the annual partner medal of BORCHE Company. Medals are both encouragement and responsibility, and MIRAN Company will continue to provide high-quality products and services to customers from all walks of life.






        Founded in 2002, BORCHE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacturing service provider of injection molding equipment and intelligent manufacturing service system, providing customers with new forms of injection molding equipment and intelligent services based on the industrial Internet platform. Bochuang's main products and services cover injection molding equipment, injection molding automation production lines, and injection molding industry cloud services. Injection molding equipment is widely used in fields such as transportation, medical, electronics, home appliances, building materials, and environmental protection. Bochuang is committed to transforming the injection molding industry from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, providing injection molding processing enterprises with comprehensive solutions based on automation, networking, platformization, and big data; On this basis, we will build a new ecology of "advanced manufacturing+industrial Internet" with cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and high-end equipment as the technical platform. The products and services provided by Mirang Company to Bochuang Company include electronic rulers/displacement sensors for injection molding machines, magnetostrictive displacement sensors, and other related products and services.

        BORCHE's leadership stated that in the past year, the global economy has slowed down, the economic situation is severe, and various enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure and challenges. In this context, we cherish our cooperation with you even more, because it is your high-quality products and services that enable Bochuang to stabilize the supply chain, ensure production efficiency, and overcome numerous difficulties together. To express our deep gratitude to you, BORCHE will hold a thank-you event on February 29, 2024 at the Kangjian Sharing Center, specifically for our partners and friends. The aim is to strengthen our connection, share our achievements, and look forward to future cooperation opportunities. The theme of this thank-you meeting is "keeping up with the times, creating a win-win situation together". We will review our successful collaborations in the past, explore how to find new growth opportunities in the constantly changing market environment, and work together to achieve greater business achievements. Through exchanging ideas, deepening consensus, and collaborative growth.