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江苏The characteristics of eddy current displacement sensors

Release Date:2023-11-03 Click:1652

Eddy current displacement sensor is a non-contact sensor used to measure the displacement or distance of an object. It utilizes the principle of eddy current effect to measure the displacement of the surface of an object by inducing changes in the electromagnetic field.

Working principle: When the sensor is close to the object being tested, the coil in the sensor will emit an alternating electromagnetic field. When an object approaches a sensor, conductive substances (such as metals) on the surface of the object will generate eddy currents. These eddy currents will generate an additional electromagnetic field on the surface of the object, thereby altering the induced electromagnetic field in the sensor. By measuring the changes in induced electromagnetic fields, sensors can determine the displacement or distance on the surface of an object.

Eddy current displacement sensors have the following characteristics:

1. Non contact measurement: There is no direct physical contact between the sensor and the object, which can avoid wear and pollution.

2. High precision and stability: Eddy current sensors can provide displacement measurement and have high stability.

3. Wide measurement range: Sensors can be used for displacement measurement from small to large ranges, with a large measurement range.

4. Quick response: Sensors have fast response speed and can obtain real-time displacement information.

Eddy current displacement sensors are commonly used in industrial production, automation control systems, automotive manufacturing, and mechanical fields to measure and monitor the displacement and position changes of objects.