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江苏MIRAN in the 8th China International Plastic Industry Exhibition

Release Date:2024-03-23 Click:1399


       Warmly congratulate Mirang Technology on the successful conclusion of the 8th China (Foshan) International Plastic Industry Exhibition, and work together to contribute to the sustainable, rapid, and healthy development of China's plastic industry. Such exhibitions have played an important role in promoting the sustainable, rapid, and healthy development of China's plastic industry.

       The plastic industry, as an important component of modern industry, is of great significance in promoting economic development and improving people's living standards. However, with the increasingly prominent global environmental issues, the sustainable development of the plastic industry is also facing severe challenges. Therefore, through platforms such as exhibitions, it is possible to promote communication and cooperation within the industry, promote technological innovation and green development, and provide strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry.

       MIRAN Technology actively participated in the exhibition, showcasing its latest technology and products, and making positive contributions to promoting industrial development. Meanwhile, through in-depth communication with peers and customers, Mirang Technology can better understand market demand and industry trends, providing strong guidance for future research and production. Displacement sensors play a crucial role in the plastic industry, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

       Firstly, during the injection and pressure holding process of the injection molding machine, the displacement sensor can monitor the position changes of the guide rod in real time, thereby controlling the switch of the injection molding machine. This can ensure that plastic is injected into the mold at the correct time and position, avoiding excessive deviation of the guide rod position that affects the size and quality of the product, and even leading to equipment failures and safety accidents. Secondly, displacement sensors can also monitor injection pressure, injection speed, and injection volume, and feedback these information to the control system. This helps to maintain consistent injection pressure and speed throughout the entire injection process, ensuring that the amount of plastic injected each time meets the specifications, thereby improving the quality and production efficiency of plastic parts. In addition, displacement sensors also play an important role in mold protection. It can monitor the position and status of the mold, and issue an alarm in a timely manner when the mold is damaged to avoid further damage and reduce downtime. Overall, displacement sensors are crucial components in the plastic industry for achieving control, improving product quality, and improving production efficiency. With the continuous development and technological progress of the plastic industry, the application of displacement sensors will also become increasingly widespread. In addition to injection molding machines, displacement sensors are also widely used in other plastic processing equipment, such as extruders, blow molding machines, etc. In these devices, displacement sensors can also monitor and control key parameters to ensure the stability of the production process and product quality.

        The successful holding of this exhibition not only provides a stage for Mirang Technology to showcase its own strength, but also injects new impetus into the sustainable development of China's plastic industry. Through exhibitions and exchanges, participating companies are able to gain a deeper understanding of market demand, grasp industry trends, and provide strong support for promoting the transformation, upgrading, and green development of China's plastic industry. Warm congratulations to Mirang Technology on its brilliant achievements at the 8th China (Foshan) International Plastic Industry Exhibition, and we look forward to continuing to write a new chapter in its future development, jointly contributing to the prosperity and sustainable development of China's plastic industry!